2022 PARK 14 Pedal Bike


14″ air filled tires. Quick release seat post. Easy-squeeze hand brakes. Wide handlebars for stability. Geared for kids. Lightweight frame and components. 3-piece crank. Proper geometry. This is the perfect first pedal bike for your child ready to move on from their balance/run bike.

UPDATE: 2022 PARK 14 bikes are sold out. See the new PARK 14 here:

  • Aviator Grey
  • Jet Black
  • Quicksand
  • True Blue
  • Intense Pink
  • Minty Fresh
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Learning to ride a bike is an amazing feeling. As a parent, watching your kid learn to ride a bike is just as amazing. Imagine teaching your child to ride a bike without tears and frustration. The PARK 14 Pedal Bike is the perfect size and weight to get started. You’ll have hero status in no time at all!

Age Range


Wheel Size




Brake Levers

Tektro JL352 (subject to availability)




Aluminum, lightweight


Neco Semi-integrated


Minimum Seat Height 16.5″
Maximum Seat Height 23″
Seat Post Length 180 mm
Seat Post Diameter 27.2 mm
Handlebar Width 480 mm
Handlebar Rise 60 mm
Handlebar Diameter 22.2 mm
Cassette 14T freewheel
Crankset 3-pc crank, 25T chainring
Crank Arm Length Alloy, 102 mm
Pedal Thread 9/16″
Tire Size 14 x 2.125″
Weight 15.5 lbs (includes seat and pedals)


PARK Pedal Bike Geometry

WB – Wheelbase 679 mm
FC – Front Center 409 mm
RC – Rear Center 270 mm
TTL – Top Tube Length (effective) 368 mm
Reach 254 mm
Stack 325 mm
HTA – Head Tube Angle 69.0 °
HTL – Head Tube Length 100 mm
FL – Fork Length 269 mm
STA – Seat Tube Angle 70.0 °
STL – Seat Tube Length 180 mm
BB – Bottom Bracket Rise (Drop) 20 mm


Visit the support page for videos and tips on setup, assembly, and adjustment of the PARK 14 Pedal Bike.


2020 PARK 14 Reviews:

  1. Verena

    I bought this bike for my 3.5 year old son after comparing a lot of different first pedal bikes. This bike has been great, he’s been able to transition to a pedal bike pretty easily after being confident in riding his strider. It was a little tricky for me to put it together and the front wheel ended up not being completely trued, so I did have to take it to our local bike shop. Now it runs very smoothly. I like that it comes with a free wheel and it really does seem to make it a lot easier for a toddler to learn how to pedal. This bike seems to be a more affordable option compared to other first pedal bikes. The handbrakes are easy to use and the bike seems to be very well designed for little kids. My son is small for his age, his toes can touch the ground but he has a hard time getting on and off the bike by himself. He does great riding though once he gets started. Great bike, I will definitely recommend it to anybody looking for a first pedal bike.
  2. Leo

    My 4 1/2 year old son loves his new bike and I am amazed by the quality and love put into this product. It is essentially a normal single speed bike in small form, but the attention to detail to make sure it fits a small body is wonderful. The brake handles are perfect for small hands and after a bit of adjustment for my son, he was easily able to master their use. The geometry of the frame is perfect for my son's small stature, he is able to reach the ground with his toes without his knees being scrunched up into his chest when he is peddling (something hard to find with other bikes). I especially love that his bike is as heavy as a sack of bricks, he has been growing stronger and is able to ride up many of the hills in our neighborhood. This was not possible with an older hand-me-down bike he was previously riding that was too heavy to even peddle up the driveway. He is easily able to stay in control of the bike and the wide handlebar really helps him stay balanced and not over-steer. Its also great that the handlebar is a normal diameter as he loves his bike horn and bell. I did not have a problem putting the bike together as I am experienced in bicycle maintenance but for the best experience most parents should take it to a local bike shop or at least watch the you-tube video. I would definitely buy this again and will be back for the 16" model when he is older. All the parents in my neighborhood are amazed by my sons riding and I never miss a chance to praise the bike that makes him a confident rider.

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