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Thanks for your interest in PARK Cycles!

Logo Guidelines

PARK Cycles Logo
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This is the primary PARK Cycles logo. It’s transparent, meant to be used on a light background.

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Here’s another version of the PARK Cycles logo, but without the CYCLES. Same deal here, it’s transparent and meant to be used on a light background.

It’s PARK Cycles

Not Park Cycles, PARKCycles, ParkCycles, etc.

PARK Cycles is two words. This is our company name, or brand. PARK is always shown in ALL CAPS. References to the bikes don’t have to include Cycles. For example: These PARK bikes are awesome!

Bikes models can be referred to as PARK [Wheel Size] [Bike Type]. For example: PARK 12 Balance Bike or PARK 16 Pedal Bike.

Say hi to Max!

PARK Cycles Yeti Mascot
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Max is our friendly neighborhood Yeti, here to encourage all kids to ride bikes. Max generally lives on the head tube of PARK bikes, but can also be found on stickers, clothing, hats, etc.