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Find out more about products available from PARK Cycles. We design and sell awesome bikes for kids. Learn about the PARK Balance Bike and PARK Pedal Bikes.

kid on PARK balance bike

PARK 12 Balance Bike

We learned a lot watching our kids start riding on balance bikes. We noticed helpful features, and also learned what we would like to see in a proper kids balance bike. So we put together an aluminum-frame run bike with 12 inch air filled tires. We gave it wide handlebars to help with balance, added a quick-release seat post for fast seat height adjustments, and included an easy-squeeze hand brake. The PARK 12 Balance Bike is the perfect place to start for your young child ready to start cruising on two wheels!

PARK 14 Pedal Bike

As our kids mastered the art of ripping around on a balance bike, it was time to find a pedal bike. This turned out to be a challenge. Finding a small-wheeled pedal bike, light enough for young kids, with proper geometry, at an affordable price is very difficult. We took parts from various other bikes and combined them to create experimental pedal bikes which ticked off more boxes than the box-store options. Still, we weren’t totally happy with what was available. So we decided to create a lightweight 14-inch wheeled pedal bike. The PARK 14 Pedal Bike features an aluminum frame with proper geometry, front and rear handbrakes, a 3-piece crank, rear freewheel (no tricky coaster brake), and smart gearing, making it the perfect first pedal bike for your child moving up from a strider or other balance / run bike.

PARK 16 Pedal Bike

16 inch wheeled bikes are where a lot of bike brands and box stores start. Finding a bike this size with proper geometry and doesn’t weigh half as much as your child is difficult, though. The PARK 16 Pedal Bike is a great option for your 4-7 year old rider, with the same great features as the PARK 14, but larger frame and wheels for your growing kid.